This our Mp3 sermon page for New Life Baptist Church!  All sermons are in Mp3 format.  If you would like to download a sermon from our site, just right click on the sermon and hit “Save target as.”  Our Mp3 sermons are broken down by year, then by meeting (ex. Sunday School, AM, PM & Wed).  How are files are saved by name is easy.  First is the year, month, day, meeting time, speaker, sermon title.

Example: 20121018AM_BrotherDoe_JesusSaves


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A couple of our favorites are below.  They are some good examples of Preaching and Sunday School Teaching at New Life Baptist Church.

The Loss of Natural Affection - Pastor Steve Coldiron 2/13/2013

The Traveler - Buddy Hendrix Sunday School 1/6/2013




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